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澳门赌博场:Market turmoil to adjust investment steady growth

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内容摘要: Since mid-November, ushered in a wave of correction after the market finished higher. On December 14, the Shanghai Composite Index closed a...

Since mid-November, ushered in a wave of correction after the market finished higher. On December 14, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,292.4 points, down 4.0% over the previous month. The index for the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 shares dropped 1.8%. The SME Index dropped 4.8%. The index dropped by 5.4%. Partial shares direction Fund net With the decline, the CSI equity funds and the Mixed Fund Index dropped 3.4% and 2.0% respectively in the most recent month. The performance of the bond market was stable. The total debt index of the Chinese debt remained flat as of mid-November. The index of the bond funds declined by 0.1%.

Proposals for asset allocation in general categories

Towards the end of the year, the liquidity examinations arrived on schedule. The unfavorable impact on liquidity in December was that the demand for cash withdrawals increased at the end of the year, and the maturity of interbank deposit receipts would be the next highest during the year. Factors contributing to liquidity improvement include seasonal fiscal deposits and slowed bond issuance pressures; It is still difficult to supplement the liquidity. November rhythm open market operations and a variety of monetary policy portfolio tools put unchanged. From the standpoint of the monetary policy implementation report, the central bank has not changed the general tone of liquidity and moderation, even at the stage of deleveraging, and will pay more attention to the stability of liquidity. It is expected that liquidity will improve in December compared with November.

Chinese manufacturing PMI was 51.8% in November, up 0.2 percentage points from October, much better than market expectations. Benefiting from the adjustment of the national economic structure, the consumer-related industries performed better, the external demand continued to improve, and the equipment manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing sectors with higher export share also performed well. The above industries are the hot areas of future investment. November CPI fell 0.2 ppt YoY to 1.7%, down 0.1 pps QoQ to 0.0%. CPI is expected in December will be slightly uplift in the fourth quarter compared with the same period is expected to be 1.8%. The steady increase of disposable income of residents is still the most powerful guarantee for the growth of consumption. November PPI YoY growth of 5.8% In line with expectation, the growth rate dropped 1.1% from the previous month mainly due to the support from the upstream petrochemical industry, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals . By the end of the year, the crude oil and black non-ferrous metals are likely to stabilize. As the hikes fall, the probability of PPI will continue to slow down slightly while the slowdown of PPI will continue to improve the profitability of enterprises. Bank Decreasing the bad.

As the overall valuation of A shares has continued to fall, stocks with attractive relative valuations are increasing, institutional investors lighten up pressure has been released, and the overall risk facing the stock market is limited. The current market can turn to a more optimistic configuration, the current proposal, for investors with high risk appetite, partial stock funds , bond funds , money market funds and QDII Fund allocation of funds can be in accordance with the 6: 1: 1: 2 ratio. For investors with low risk appetite, they can be configured according to the ratio of 5: 1: 2: 2 and adjusted according to personal preference, so as to pay attention to 2018 investment opportunities.

partial stock funds

consider the 2017 profit growth long and 7 _ 89456 _ 50 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 51 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 52 _ 65473 _ 92,018-year forecast earnings growth in 2018 A-share valuation will come down to a relatively low historical range. In addition, the valuation of the CSI 300 Index is significantly lower than the benchmark indices of overseas markets, so there is less room for the valuation to continue to fall. However, the companies with medium and small market capitalization of under RMB10 billion as a whole still show structural overvaluation. In the choice of investment targets, it is recommended that the selection of stock picking ability, focus on safety margins, the balance of positions style balanced partial stock funds, is expected to seize the investment opportunities in the turmoil.

Bond funds

Short-term bond market sentiment may still continue to be repaired mainly due to the fact that although the release of fiscal deposits and targeted RRR cuts early next year may bring about 1.5 trillion yuan of liquidity Release of liquidity pressures at the bank level is expected to ease significantly. Taking into account the fundamentals, upward pressure on inflation is difficult to appear before the Spring Festival. Overall, we are optimistic about the bond market before the Spring Festival.

The current stop-loss and passive sell-off of trading trades is very similar to that of November-December 2016, but the active liabilities of commercial banks have been checked and the selling ability has been worsened. Although the configuration disk approach, but by the end of the debt pressure at the end of expansion, commercial banks once again play a "stabilizer" role type.

At present, the market outlook of the bond market is still not clear. For the selection of bond funds, it is recommended that funds with long-term performance, flexible allocation and certain performance flexibility be expected to gain excess returns in the next phase of market rebound.

money market funds

near the end of a liquidity squeeze superimposed Monetary Fund earnings release, the IMF seven-year interest rate or slightly uplift, with good attraction, as good liquidity management tool. On the other hand, investors are advised to choose a monetary fund with a certain profit advantage. For those investors with high time-bound requirements, they can choose the products in the venue, and also can choose to use the money-denominated funds which have a quick redemption rate and a high market share.


Since the beginning of this year, US stocks and Hong Kong stocks rose all over the year, after a slight adjustment in early December, or still continue the previous market. Investors may be concerned about the short-term correction brought by the impact of interest rate hike policy and grasp the opportunity of opening up positions. A base, it is recommended that investors choose to have rich experience in overseas management, investment team strength fund company .

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